Economic & Workforce Development Center: Impact Report 2017-19

LEADERSHIP TEAM: WORKING TOGETHER OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT: Todd M. Oldham , Vice President, Economic Development, Workforce and Career Technical Education Melissa Burley , Executive Secretary to the Vice President Matthew O’Connor , Assistant Vice President, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services Kristin Sine-Kinz , Chief of Staff (Director) Ann Kuhn , Manager, America’s Promise - Project INSPIRE grant / Office of the Vice President Dale Pearce , Program Director, Curriculum Development and Apprenticeships Carly Rooney , Coordinator, Marketing Operations and Client Communications

William Rotenberg , Director, Secondary Programs Teresa Schichler , Manager, Systems and Technologies CAREER SERVICES AND EDUCATION TO EMPLOYMENT Michelle Mayo , Director, Career Services Joseph Snowden , Manager, Education to Employment CAMPUS EVENTS

Dan Raimondo , Director, Campus Events and Project Administration GRANTS DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT Lisa Dahl , Interim Director AGRICULTURE AND LIFE SCIENCES INSTITUTE Robert King , Director CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION Jeffrey Dunker , Department Chair, Information and Computer Technologies Kevin French , Department Chair, Applied Technologies Gary Graziano , Interim Department Chair, Engineering Technologies Glenn Greibus , Program Coordinator, Homeland Security Management Rebecca Griffin , Department Chair, Hospitality Management WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Christina Bakewicz , Manager, America’s Promise - Project INSPIRE grant Kelly Brown Lonis , Director, Corporate Relations Charles Caples , Program Director, Software and Information Technology James Gertner , Director, Workforce Projects and Operations Marcia Lynch , Program Director, Health Care Programs John Troy , Program Director, Skilled Trades and Industrial Technologies PUBLIC SAFETY TRAINING FACILITY Michael Karnes , Dean, Public Safety Programs

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