Economic & Workforce Development Center: Impact Report 2017-19

How do we create the 21st CenturyWorker? AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH, WITH AN INTEGRATED TEAM.

Flexible Credit and Non-credit Programming

Labor Market Measurement and Analysis

-Career Technical Education: Applied Technologies Engineering Technologies Hospitality Management -Agriculture Life Sciences Institute -Corporate College

-Thought Leader -State Awards -Private Foundations

-Workforce Development -Secondary Partnerships

Economic & Workforce Development Center MONR O E C OMMUN I T Y C O L L E G E

Strategic Grants Development

Industry Engagement

-Community Partnership -Advisory Boards -Career Services & Education to Employment -Custom Training -Secondary Partnerships -Sponsored Research

-Federal Awards -State Awards -Private Foundations

We create a qualified 21st Century worker, faster . With higher success rates for employers. Everyone benefits and our economy thrives . Together we move our communities’ workforce forward .

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