Future of the Technician Workforce Study

 AI supervision/implementation : Supervision and implementation of AI-based solutions (i.e., training neural networks, deep learning) for more flexible production  Cybersecurity skills : Integration of cybersecurity services for industrial control systems  Calibration skills : Demand for calibration technicians for routine testing of equipment and instrumentation  Data-driven informatics : Specialized roles for data collection and diagnostics; greater use of open- source software tools  Expanded organizational roles : Technicians to require full understanding of company functions beyond standard email communications and enterprise resource planning (ERP)  AR-enabled troubleshooting : Real-time support and troubleshooting using augmented reality (AR) technologies  Data fusion specialists : Demand for multi-sensors data fusion specialists for identification of information flows, analysis process dynamics, and knowledge extraction for system informatics and control

23 | The Future of the Technician Workforce Study

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