Future of the Technician Workforce Study

INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS TECHNICAL SKILLS General:  Installation/maintenance of physical networks;

TOOLS Software:  Current IIoT software  Cybersecurity/encryption software  Open source IIoT tools  Workflow/plant flow simulation tools (i.e., digital twin of process plant) Hardware:  Inter-operable devices for IIoT networks  Security modules (i.e., Siemens S615). VPN devices  Hardware to support IIoT  Multi-protocol industrial network test bed; sensor plug & play  Sensors  Raspberry Pi Other tools/resources:  Legacy retrofitting equipment  Language translation to enable/support a multicultural workforce  Voice/speech recognition software  Contextualized data from manufacturing processes  Training/documentation to isolate and protect machine network from enterprise network

Ability to connect hardware and software subsystems  Familiarity with both wired & wireless networks  Use of hardware/software to optimize IIoT networks  Systems knowledge of IIoT to debug/troubleshoot connectivity issues  Knowledge of interoperability across manufacturing equipment including metrology equipment  Familiarity with multiple communication protocols  Ability to retrofit legacy platforms  Knowledge gleaned from case studies on use of IoT both in business and hobbyist realms  Understanding of power management (battery) Cybersecurity & Access:  Understanding of cybersecurity risks  Ability to apply security protocols and encryption methods  Skill and knowledge to conduct network penetration testing  Understanding of requirements and access of cloud applications and competencies in database management Design & Programming:  Application development  Basic understanding of APIs  CAD/CAM  Software engineering  Understanding of end-user requirements and design Analytical Skills:  Data analysis knowledge and skills  Statistical methods for combining multiple data sources  Skills and knowledge to use dashboards: relevance/deter- mination; equipment operating tolerances  Decision-making and analysis processes to compare hard- ware/software options SOFT SKILLS  Ability to communicate effectively – train users via AVI  Competencies in team dynamics and communication

 Goal-oriented reasoning  Problem-solving skills

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