Future of the Technician Workforce Study

MECHATRONICS TECHNICAL SKILLS General:  Machining skills (Mill, Lathe, Grinder, Drill Press; at least basic skills to modify parts/make simple parts)  Mechanical systems  Programmable logic controller (PLC): Programming and troubleshooting  Electrical fundamentals  Electric/mechanical/software/firmware troubleshooting  Electrical control circuits coupled with mechanical apti- tude tests  Electro-mechanical aptitude  Electrical/arc flash safety training (i.e., NFPA 70E)  Adherence to standard operating procedure (SOP) Measurement & Analysis:  Plotting frequency responses using Bode plot/diagrams  Proper measurement techniques (Calipers, Micrometers, Gauge blocks, Multimeter)  Interpretation of blueprints, schematics, and mechanical drawings  Troubleshooting/problem solving; debugging; systems perspectives Informatics & Knowledge Transfer:  Systems knowledge  Health information exchanges and informatics  Healthcare: System integration  Legacy systems knowledge transfer; Legacy technology knowledge SOFT SKILLS  Critical thinking  Effective communication  Flexibility and versatility willingness to learn and change  Pneumatic and hydraulic systems  Infrared and wireless technologies Compliance:

TOOLS Subtractive Processes:

 Bandsaw  Drill Press

 Lathes  Milling  Surface grinder Metrology/Data Acquisition:  Logic analyzers (i.e., MyDAQ by National Instruments)  Metrology/measurement tools (Calipers, Micrometers, Multimeter, Gauge blocks, Oracle wrenches)  Oscilloscope  Tools/equipment for troubleshooting Re-skilling/Up-skilling:  Laboratory equipment for training; sample systems to troubleshoot/repair  Skill acquisition software: learning management system (LMS)  Examples of failed components to examine Programming/Automation:  Automatic servo tuning software  Programmable logic controllers (PLC)  Software for industrial automation and virtual factory management: FactoryTalk, TabWare Cyber-physical Systems:  Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms  Health Care: Care management and coordination platforms (i.e., Unite Us)

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