Future of the Technician Workforce Study


This workforce development study seeks to provide context for the effects of emerging technologies collectively identified as belonging to the fourth industrial revolution on the Finger Lakes regional workforce. Drawing upon key literature on i4.0 impacts identifying the value drivers and strategies for industry adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, this report offers a sum- mary of the specific skills and competencies identified by regional businesses that define the desired skillsets for future i4.0-related technicians. MCC intends to use this report in partnership with its economic and workforce development partners to ensure existing and future education and workforce training efforts are aligned to the technician needs of employers in the Finger Lakes economy. Additionally, MCC’s Economic and Workforce Development Center will use this report to better inform future workforce development objectives planned for the region, including:  Updating curricula and training programs : Community and technical colleges must keep up with the pace of i4.0 technology development to ensure technicians have both the technical skills and leadership to meet the evolving hiring needs of Rochester and Finger Lakes regional businesses.  Identifying workforce training partnerships and investment opportunities : Industrial partnerships can play a significant role in coordinating with community colleges to help establish a pipeline of qualified technicians including apprenticeships, specialized training, and the development of new i4.0 certifications that are aligned to regional career pathways.  Informing the development of the new Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center : The future technician needs of Rochester and Finger Lakes businesses detailed in this document will benefit MCC’s Downtown Campus which will be home to the new Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center: a state-of-the-art industry training facility that will support modularized i4.0 training initiatives to address workforce skills gaps for the Rochester and Finger Lakes regional area. This new educational center is intended to act as a multi-institutional community resource to train residents and upskill the incumbent workforce in relevant i4.0 technologies.  Establish interdisciplinary and cross-functional programming : Industry 4.0 continually blurs the lines between disciplines and technical fields, requiring future technicians to possess interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge, customer-oriented soft skills, and the ability to collaborate with individuals from different disciplines.

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