Future of the Technician Workforce Study

The following table lists the various types of businesses who made essential contributions to the development of this workforce development report:

Table 27: The types of businesses contributing to this study.



 Process control and automation  Robotics, handling, assembly  Food processing  Labeling and packaging  Agriculture  Automotive services and repair  Electricians  Manufacturing trade organizations  Machine shops  Trade/member associations

 Atomization technologies  Industrial machinery  Medical devices  Metrology, testing, diagnostics  Oil & gas  Ophthalmological Personal Products  Optical components  Pharmaceuticals  Plastics and packaging products  Mechatronics and informatics specialists  IT support companies

Manufacturing & Automation

 Facility security systems  Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) products/services  Telecommunications services

Information Technology

 Health care providers  Medical imaging manufacturers

 Eldercare

Health Care

 Payroll/staffing services

 Drone operators/logistics services

Human Resources and Professional Services

 IT cloud and service providers  Economic and workforce development non-profit organization

 Building and construction management/services  Consultants: architects, social media influencers, private research & analysts


| 56 MCC Economic and Workforce Development Center

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