Future of the Technician Workforce Study

Study Methodology On November 5, 2019, Monroe Community College (MCC) convened regional stakeholders and employers from across the Finger Lakes region to participate in a one-day workshop in support of MCC’s Future of the Technician Workforce Study . Approximately 100 participants across 80 organizations attended the workshop and provided their input during the exercises. Participants were assigned to breakout groups based on their respective industry sectors: manufacturing & automation, information technology, health care, and human resources & professional services. Working in parallel sessions, participants elucidated the impact of i4.0 on their workforce and business operations, identified the future technician skills required by employers and i4.0 implementers, and discussed the role community colleges should play in preparing the future technician workforce. The workshop was divided into three main components designed to identify crucial information needed for the study. Between full group discussions and parallel breakouts, contributors participated in a total of 22 distinct focus groups throughout the one-day workshop.

Table 2: Overview of the workshop symposium process used to gather stakeholder inputs on future i4.0 technician requirements.

 Transformative Technologies: Participants described the transformative technologies that are changing or likely to change the way their business/sector operates in the next 10 years.  Technician Job Functions: Participants identified the way transformative technologies will likely change technician job functions over the next 10 years.

SESSION 1 Impact of i4.0 on Technicians and Business Operations

 Skills: Participants identified the knowledge, skill-sets, competencies, and abilities technicians will need in light of these transformative technologies.  Tools and Equipment: Participants identified the tools and equipment technicians must be prepared to use in the workforce.

SESSION 2 Technician Skill Requirements

SESSION 3 Education and Training Needs

 MCC’s Role: Participants discussed the role MCC should play in the training of the future technician workforce.  Credentials: Participants identified the existing and future credentials their technicians will need to adapt to i4.0.

| 4 MCC Economic and Workforce Development Center

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