Future of the Technician Workforce Study

Industry 4.0 and the Role of Community College Industry participants in this study offered their perspectives on the role of the community college and public workforce education system as it relates to preparing and training technicians for the future i4.0 workforce. Table 25 summarized this input.

Table 25: Recommendations from Rochester and Finger Lakes stakeholders on the role of community colleges in supporting the future technician workforce. ROLES OF COMMUNITY COLLEGES IN SUPPORTING THE FUTURE i4.0 TECHNICIAN WORKFORCE


 Offer nimble certification programs that are amenable to changing i4.0 tends.  Establish “stackable” credentials to let individuals customize their skill-sets.  Investigate novel training models in which multiple certificates would quality technicians for a degree.  Develop more flexible “create-your-own” programs and career pathways that maximize student exposure to different job sectors and opportunities.  Coordinate with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to ensure A.A.S. degrees reflect trending i4.0 technologies.  Provide students with a deeper understanding of the link between technician work and the market need they serve.  Emphasize soft skills including decision-making, communication, emotional intelligence, and team dynamics.  Diversify learning environments by offering hybrid- or distance-learning options (i.e., virtual, experiential learning) and more flexible or modular training approaches.  Acquire and teach students using the latest i4.0 equipment and technologies.  Help prepare educators by investing in faculty training including externships.  Hire adjunct instructors currently working in i4.0 fields.  Offer job shadowing and formal internships that offer a pathway to industry jobs.  Offer training around technology leadership, cybersecurity, and cyber-physical systems.  Align/integrate programs and credentials with industry partners to create a feedback loop between industry practitioners and i4.0 educators.  Conduct community outreach to increase public awareness of i4.0 career paths.  Engage high schools to educate students and parents on critically needed i4.0 careers.

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