MCC's Economic and Workforce Development: Fall 2017 Newsletter

LadderzUP is an innovative new job training and placement initiative run in partnership between Monroe County’s Imagine Monroe and MCC’s Economic and Workforce Development Center (EWDC). The program provides “ladders” of training opportunities to give Monroe County residents the tools they need to rise in high-demand industries in the region. Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo announced the creation of LadderzUP in her May 2017 State of the County address. “As County Executive, one of my top

Medical Office Assistant: Cohort-Based Program Ensures Success The demand for medical office assistants is expected to grow by 11 percent in the next decade. MCC is meeting this anticipated need with a new cohort-based certificate program. All classes for the 30-week program will be held at the Downtown Campus. In cohort-based programs, students attend the same classes together throughout the program. This model has proven effective in raising graduation rates and enhancing the quality of the student experience. Cohort-based models are influential in increasing student engagement through peer support systems when compared to non-cohort based programs. Students study health care record-keeping procedures and use high-tech computer systems like those found in medical offices. They learn to effectively communicate with patients and health care professionals, and take introductory courses in biology, medical terminology, drugs, and emergency care. Students are eligible to apply for assistance through NY Inspire, which offers support services based on the individual needs of each student, and may include scholarships. Classes are held during the day and are done by 3 p.m., making this program ideal for stay-at-home parents who need to be available to their children after their school day ends.

LadderzUP priorities is ensuring that Monroe County has a trained and skilled workforce ready to get the job done,” said Dinolfo. “When businesses are looking to locate or expand in Monroe County, they need and expect a fully-trained workforce and LadderzUP helps make that possible. LadderzUP builds on the idea that education and training enable individuals to move up the economic ladder and connects people with tailor-made job training programs that directly lead to job placements”

During the first year of the program, a minimum of 100 students will receive funding and support to allow them to complete accelerated coursework and training in advanced manufacturing, health care, and information technology. The vision is to expand in future years to provide training for credit and non-credit programs in high-demand job fields. LadderzUP will help employers gain access to skilled, entry-level workers who are trained for chronically hard-to-fill jobs. MCC will work with employers to create customized training curriculum designed for specific positions that are pivotal to workforce success. The program makes use of MCC’s extensive labor market intelligence analyses, created by the EWDC and available at . Data from this web platform is aligned with existing workforce training to address current and future skill gaps in high-demand industries. With this information, potential job seekers can explore career paths and choose to pursue the most promising ones based on predictions for growth and estimated annual demand in the coming years. “LadderzUP offers individuals precise, tailored training and education to help them find fulfilling jobs in their field earning a competitive salary, said MCC’s vice president for economic and workforce development, Dr. Todd Oldham. “It provides employers with employees who have the appropriate skills training to excel in the workforce and help them to grow their businesses.”

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