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Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) Article Highlights Adult Learning Success

A recent blog posting on the EMSI website highlights Monroe Community College’s innovative approach to adult education. The article discussed MCC’s use of labor market analysis to shape programs that address critical job needs in Monroe County and the surrounding area. Titled “Monroe Community College is One of the Top Colleges for Adult Learners. Here’s Why,” the article focused on the web-based platform created by the Economic and Workforce Development Center which allows individuals, businesses, and educational institutions to explore the workforce dynamics of career fields in the region. For example, by reviewing data provided by EMSI and employer surveys as well as traditional labor data, MCC discovered that the demand for skilled machinists far outstripped the available labor pool. Dr. Todd Oldham, vice president of the Division of Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services, and his team responded by creating a 22-week cohort-based machinist program that allowed students to earn 31 credits and enter the workforce in less than a year. This model can easily be extended to other areas where there is a demand for workers. By working with data from the New York State Department of Labor, it was also possible to track student success after their graduation. MCC’s career and technical education graduates, for example, were earning a 16 percent growth rate over four years in the workforce. Oldham stresses the importance of data in making programmatic decisions. With it, he says in the article, “I can see not just the perspective of an advisory board, but the actual labor market outcomes for our entire career-focused student body.” You can read the article at: .

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