Measuring Middle-Skills Occupational Gaps: Advanced Manufacturing in Central New York



The purpose of the Monroe Community College (MCC) division of Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services (EDIWS) is to: • actively create and promote a robust applied-STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), career and technical education, and middle-skills career pathway system; • support investment in curricula and equipment for academic, career and technical education, and industry targeted programming;

• address the shortage in the educational pipeline (future workforce) and inform skills gaps in the existing workforce through labor market intelligence efforts; and • proactive outreach to business and industry. The labor market intelligence provided by EDIWS informs activities related to: regional grant partnerships, program development and investment, and economic impact.

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This project was sponsored by SUNY TEAM in partnership with Monroe Community College’s

Lomax R. Campbell, Assistant to the Vice President, EDIWS Kristin Sine-Kinz, Director, Marketing Operations, EDIWS Angel Andreu, Director, Institutional Research, MCC Mary Ann DeMario, Assistant Director, Institutional Research, MCC

Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services (EDIWS) division. The project team includes: Todd M. Oldham, Vice President, EDIWS, Project Vision and Leadership Cortney Harris, Director, SUNY TEAM

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